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Tips on Choosing Pom Poms

What size pom should I order?

To give you an idea, the 5" cheerleading pom poms will fluff to about the size of a volleyball. If your choreography has any fast moves, then you are better off with smaller pom poms. Because they are lighter, they are easier to polish. Also if your girls are younger, then you will want the smaller cheer pom poms.

The 7" cheerleading poms will fluff to roughly the size of a basketball. They are commonly used for dance or drill team football field performances. Because these cheerleading poms are bigger, they can be clearly seen from the stands.

FYI: Most of the poms pictured on this site are 5", 3/4". The Adult Stock poms are 6", 3/4".

Should I order the 1/2” or the 3/4” width of pom POMS?

The 5" and 6" pom pom look great with either the 1/2” or the 3/4” width strand.  It is personal preference.  The 1/2” pom pom strand is thinner and has more movement to it, while the wider 3/4” pom pom strand fluffs out to a ball shape.

The 4" pom with the 3/4" width will be stiff. If you want more movement with the pom pom strands, then get the 1/2".

7” length pom poms look great with the 3/4” width strip.  Keep in mind that the 1/2” width on this cheerleading pom will look a little “stringier” because of the extra length.

Should our pom poms match each other, or should we have a different color pom in each hand?

Choreography is key here.  Having a different color pom pom in each hand is great as long as the choreography calls for it.  Two colors offer countless visual possibilities.   However, if your routine/cheers have not been choreographed with two color pom poms in mind, then they will look cleaner with the same color pom poms.

AT&T Cotton Bowl 2007
Poms by GetPoms.com

How can I decide on a color(s) of pom poms?

  • Consider your performance area.  What color is the floor and backdrop?  Contrasting colors of pom poms will stand out more.
  • Consider your costume/uniform. Pick an accent color on your costume/uniform to match your pom poms to.  Or you can use a contrasting, yet complementary, color for a more dramatic effect.
  • Consider future performances.  Is there a color of cheer pom that your team might recycle in the future?  Or can you mix with a different color pom pom the following year?
  • Consider choreography.  Is your routine choreographed with two different colors of pom poms in mind, or just one?

Should I order one, two, or three color pom POMS?

One-colored poms are great for contrast, for example, a fuchsia pom pom in one hand and a lime green pom pom in the other.

Two-colored poms can look pretty with accents colors, for example, a black pom with gold accent or a green pom with silver holographic metallic.

Three-colored poms can be beautiful and unique. Try one bold color with two accent colors (for example a black pom with white and silver accents).   Or two bold colors with one accent (for example, red, blue, and silver holographic).  Three bold colors, without an accent color, can look diluted from far away. 

Call for a sample swatch booklet if you are unsure of colors.

  • You must be 18 or older and be affiliated with a cheer leading organization to receive a sample swatch booklet.
  • All Information Required on Online submission form.
  • Offer good for US shipping addresses only.

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